TITAN has made significant progress in contributing to a circular economy model throughout the entire life cycle of its products and in developing synergies with other industries.

We apply the principles of prevention, reduction, reuse, recycling and recovery to minimize our own waste and, at the same time, to efficiently use natural resources in our production process.

Examples of our contribution to the circular economy are:

  • Use of waste and other industrial by-products as alternative raw materials and fuels in clinker and cement production.
  • Use of concrete construction & demolition waste as an alternative for aggregates in cement and concrete production, as concrete is 100% recyclable.
  • Use of concrete, a durable and resilient building material that offers improved resource efficiency during a building’s use phase.
  • Minimization of the waste produced by TITAN Group as part of everyday activities through its collection, storage and disposal by authorized contractors for recovery, reuse or recycling.

Furthermore, we participated in joint ventures which are directly contributing to the circular economy. These include the GAEA Green Alternative Energy EAD, our Bulgaria-based joint venture with the Evolution Environmental Group, which works with local businesses to explore alternative fuels, as well as waste management, waste use and environmental protection.

Meanwhile, STET, our Boston-based subsidiary, is the global leader in industrial tribo-electrostatic separation, which beneficiates fine particle materials like fly ash by-products. STET also develops and promotes the use of waterless, energy-efficient and low-emission technologies.