A scoop of cement
A binding substance and the main component of ready-mix concrete. It is made by grinding clinker, gypsum and other cementitious materials to a fine powder.
A ready-mix track leaving the plant
Made by combining cement, aggregates and water to produce a durable product that can be set in a variety of formats.
pile of aggregates
Aggregates and coarse materials such as sand, gravel, crushed stone and recycled concrete are used as raw materials in cement and as reinforcing components in asphalt and concrete. They can also be used in road and railway foundations.
building blocks
Dry mortars, building blocks and other concrete products, as well as fly ash, are among the materials used in construction and other industries.
Meeting customer needs: service and collaboration
Apart from transporting and distributing our products, we transfer our know-how and expertise through collaborations with our customers, business partners, local communities and academia.
The TITAN Group adapts its customer service policy according to market conditions in each country. All our operations, however, have adopted ISO 9000 certified management systems. For ready-mix products, we comply with the relevant European quality standards.
overview of a cement surface where people walk on