USA 2020
A holistic approach to climate change mitigation and energy efficiency

Recognizing that long-term growth depends on a sustainable and inclusive business model, Titan America is taking a holistic approach to applying environmental and energy improvements at every stage of its operations. In collaboration with universities and local utilities, as well as with the involvement of key stakeholders, it is addressing the needs of energy conservation and climate change throughout the manufacturing and distribution of its products.

In partnership with the Georgia Institute of Technology, TITAN has created a world-class energy management system and now boasts the only two ISO 50001-certified cement plants in the USA. Utilizing artificial intelligence models to maximize efficiencies, the plants have increased the use of lower- emission fuels such as natural gas and alternative fuels. The Pennsuco plant now produces its own kiln fuel at a new Processed Engineered Fuel (PEF) facility, which will offset the plant’s existing fossil fuel usage by up to 30% while diverting municipal waste from landfill.

Titan America has also set annual targets to reduce the environmental impact of manufacturing by reducing the clinker required for cement production.

Changes in the US energy market have resulted in a significant reduction in the production of fly ash while decades of coal use in the electricity industry have produced large landfills of fly ash. Addressing this shortage of freshly available alternative raw materials, Separation Technologies, a TITAN company, operates a pilot reclamation plant where landfilled fly ash is excavated and processed into a consistent, high-quality alternative raw material for the concrete industry – ProAsh®. As it lessens the quantity of cement in concrete, the use of ProAsh® reduces the CO₂ generated in cement manufacturing.