USA 2018
Enhancing effective leadership

TITAN America recognizes that developing employees through training complements the TITAN Group Leadership Platform “Leading the TITAN way” and helps it to successfully implement its business strategy.

The company enriched its leadership training by offerring to its management team the FranklinCovey® leadership development program, which was launched in October 2017. In 2018, new instructor-led sessions and webinars were added, aiming to equip managers and frontline supervisors in the USA with the skills they need to improve business performance and achieve sustainable results through their teams. The training modules include communication skills, planning and prioritization, productivity, accountability, eff ective coaching, fostering innovation and creativity, and resolving conflict. TITAN America’s leadership program aspires to foster a culture that values all people and empowers them to contribute to the company’s future growth.

TITAN America 'Leadership development program' case study: People in a business meeting