USA 2017

TITAN America’s 12-year internship program plays a key role in building a pipeline of future talent for our business, while promoting a more educated workforce in the cement industry and driving employee engagement.

Each internship is individually designed by employees in the relevant department. They aim to tap into students’ enthusiasm and bring fresh perspectives to the business. Our internships are also an opportunity to embed gender equality by introducing talented young women into roles that have been traditionally male dominated. For their part, TITAN’s interns have the opportunity to learn new skills in a working environment, and several have gone on to take permanent roles at TITAN America as a result.

The success of our internship program is reflected in consistent increases in the number of applicants. In 2017, TITAN America received more than 100 applications from college students, with 24 selected to take up internships.

TITAN America's internships opportunities for skill development and youth empowerment: Image of interns working on their computers