USA 2016

We consistently encourage integration of sustainability issues in the education of all grades and support efforts to share our know-how and expertise in specific areas of interest. We also raise awareness among students and teachers regarding social responsibility and care for the environment. Inspired by the unique nature of Catawba Creek and the need to engage with future generations on responsible citizenship, we organize an annual study visit for around 400 young students who experience active learning in our Roanoke Cement plant’s riparian buffer project.

While on site, the children are educated on the importance of water quality and sustainable manufacturing and farming through experiential and engaging activities. Subjects include aquatic macro invertebrate sampling, visual stream assessment andtesting, tree species inventory and soil survey. The project aims to educate young people on environmental and biodiversity issues that are increasingly important in the modern workplace.

Catawba Creek landscape, USA, sustainability and environmental care education programs, TITAN America