Leveraging new technologies in people development

Built on mutual trust, reliability and shared values, our business is a place that enables people to develop, work together, create solutions and implement positive change. Our priority is to equip our people with the skills, competencies and mindset they need to be successful in an ever-changing environment.

In 2018, this priority, combined with the demands of our era of rapid technological developments, translated into the implementation of “unITe people”, a digital Group-wide Human Resources Management System (GHRMS). The aim of the GHRMS is to improve the employee experience and simplify people management operations; promote information sharing and global networking among employees; provide learning resources that accelerate progress; enhance employee development; and ensure organizational alignment that contributes to the Group’s growth.

Case study on leveraging new technologies in people development: Two TITAN employees, in protective gear discussing in front of bagges cement in one of TITAN's plants