Implementing a new methodology to assess biodiversity impact

At TITAN we have established standard practices for quarry rehabilitation and biodiversity management at sites of high biodiversity value, and closely cooperate with our stakeholders at a global and local level to continuously improve our performance with additional tools and methods.

In 2018, TITAN chaired a WBCSD/CSI Project Group tasked with developing a methodology for calculating the Net Impact Assessment (NIA) of Biodiversity in the Cement Sector, which was issued at the end of the year.

Zlatna cement plant in Bulgaria is now applying the new methodology at its quarry and its expansion areas. The assessment, due to be completed in 2019, aims to evaluate the quarry’s positive and negative impacts on biodiversity; research the on-site habitats, using a specialist botanist to assess the baseline conditions before mining activities commence; assess the result of the biodiversity management plan and any rehabilitation activities implemented; and adjust the plans to mitigate negative impacts and achieve no net loss on biodiversity (or net positive impact if possible) at the quarry area.