Empowering young people with skills for jobs has been identified as a material issue for our local stakeholders. We initiated the European Pact for Youth at Group level in 2015 to further support sustainability of communities and provide opportunities for quality education for all.

The following are some examples of our ongoing efforts and commitment to youth:

  • For the third year, our Antea cement plant in Albania worked on the Strengthening Families initiative with SOS Village, which has provided support and opportunities to 19 families and 47 children living in poverty in the villages of Borizana and Thumana.
  • TITAN America has added an annual Solid Foundation Scholarship Program, which offers up to six scholarships each year and helps young people to further their education and unlock opportunities, alongside existing programs with academia and educational organizations dedicated to quality internships.
  • Our partnership with “Teach for All” Bulgaria Foundation has helped the transformation of elementary education in the villages surrounding our Zlatna Panega cement plant. By the end of 2017, 13 new teachers were working with more than 500 schoolchildren of low socio-economic status in five elementary schools.
  • TITAN was pleased to undertake the renovation of the Wadi El Kamar elementary school in Egypt. The renovation work was completed this year, benefiting more than 1,200 students, while efforts continue to provide technical skills and empower women.
  • In Greece, TITAN launched Youth Matters, underlining the importance of young people as stakeholders and providing a system to help youth benefit from new skills development opportunities.
Image of students seating on a bench exchanging views to illustrate TITAN 's support of local communities and youth initiatives