Since signing the UN Global Compact in 2002, TITAN focused on the establishment and development of business-driven networks that are working to integrate the ten Principles of the UNGC in Albania, Egypt, Greece, Kosovo, N. Macedonia and Serbia.

Through our participation and leadership of local networks, we interact with more than 500 local companies, while we support stakeholder dialogue with relevant reports in local languages. Since 2008, we have systematically communicated our progress on implementing the ten Principles within our sphere of influence to more than 10,000 local stakeholders in the countries where we operate.

In 2015, we took a step further by aligning stakeholder dialogue with global trends based on the UN SDGs 2030. Accordingly, during 2016–2017, all our operations reviewed and updated their materiality assessments in light of the SDGs 2030, thereby contributing to making their global goals a common language and framework for sustainability.

TITAN Group is also represented by CSR Europe in the EU multi-stakeholder platform on SDGs, while supporting relevant consultations for the development of Voluntary National Action Plans.

Engaging for implementing the UN SDG's case study: image of the UN SDGs symbols on a board