The “Safety First” workshop entered its fifth year teaching local children how to stay safe at the TITAN Serbia Kosjeric cement plant.

Believing that it’s never too early to impart valuable information to young people, TITAN Serbia designed the “Safety First” workshop to raise safety awareness among local children and teach them about the importance of safe behavior.

“Safety First” takes the know-how and unique experiences of the plant’s employees – from the health and safety, finance and accounting, sales, HR and production departments – and turns it into practical advice. Representatives from the local police, health center and fire department also contribute their expertise.

In 2016, the workshop was attended by all 106 4th-grade pupils from the local school. The workshop was divided into two parts. Part one focused on teaching the children about getting to and from school safely, school and playground safety, fire safety and safety procedures at the Kosjeric plant.  The second part was more creative and encouraged children to produce drawings of the safety rules and concepts they learned earlier. Three employees from the plant then chose 48 of these unique artworks to be included in TITAN Serbia’s 2017 calendar. A copy of the calendar was given to every plant employee and all workshop participants.

“Safety First” is a project that utilizes the safety know-how of our Kosjeric plant employees and that of local experts to teach pupils how to stay safe in their daily lives.

"Safety First” workshop, TITAN Serbia: picture of a young girl drawing