N. Macedonia 2020
Titan’s plant in North Macedonia offers its support to the fight against Covid-19

As a socially responsible company, USJE, Titan’s plant in North Macedonia took care of its employees and the local community offering its support to the fight against Covid-19.

Employees are our top priority across TITAN Group, so in Northern Macedonia the mobilization to protect them and our contractors from the coronavirus was immediate. We took all necessary measures and implemented the official rules and guidelines. In addition, we carefully monitored the health of our employees and their families as well as the well-being of our stakeholders with a focus on those with vulnerabilities.

Moreover, we donated medical equipment worth 50,000 euros for the fight against Covid-19, to support the Ministry of Health. We also collaborated with Centar Municipality and the non-governmental organization Food Bank in providing aid and food supplies to 75 families in need and vulnerable citizens including foster families and the elderly with minimum income. In addition, we responded to the need for sanitizers and disinfection equipment in our local community.