Respecting human rights and protecting the rights of people who report unlawful or inappropriate behavior is a vital part of TITAN’s approach to good corporate governance. All TITAN Group operations have established procedures to report grievances, incidents or issues related to TITAN’s Code of Conduct and policies. In 2017, TITAN Usje took a step further by introducing a rulebook that is designed to protect the rights of both whistleblowers and an appointed authorized person, who is responsible for receiving whistleblowers’ reports.

The new rulebook sets down the procedures for whistleblowing, including the steps that should be taken to protect the anonymity of those raising concerns. Setting down procedures helps embed the right culture and ensures a supportive approach.

In 2018, Usje cement plant will introduce yellow boxes throughout the premises of the cement plant, which employees and other concerned parties can use to report any inappropriate behavior. The company will continue to train all employees, to ensure that the new guidelines are understood and that whistleblowers have the support and protection that they deserve

TITAN Usje protecting whistleblowers' rights: image of a woman and a man speaking in confidentiality