Kosovo 2020
Sharrcem: Boosting community awareness of Covid-19

In early March 2020, when Kosovo started taking preventive steps to contain the spread of Covid-19, Sharrcem, TITAN’s cement plant in the country, took measures to protect its employees and to ensure a healthy and safe working environment. As a local business near the town of Hani i Elezit, Sharrcem wanted to contribute to the public’s awareness of the pandemic and also to provide personal protective equipment like gloves and face masks, as there was a market shortage.

To assist in enhancing public awareness in the local community, Sharrcem contacted the national authorities and offered to liaise with the Covid-19 Emergency Center, based in the local medical center, and the National Institute for Public Health in promoting the official guidelines in the local community. The offer was accepted and two of our employees worked fulltime in liaising with all stakeholders, monitoring the needs of the local community and promoting the official guidelines on keeping safe from the virus to locals. As for the shortage of disposable personal protective equipment, our plant provided face masks and gloves to local police, customs and medical staff.