Greece 2023
Collaboration with Aegean Perlites to secure long-term pozzolan reserves

TITAN is advancing its growth strategy by participating in Aegean Perlites and partnering with its majority shareholder family, thereby securing the long term pozzolan sourcing needs of the Group.

Aegean Perlites, founded in 1994, operates perlite and pozzolan quarries on the Greek island of Yali, which has substantial high-quality reserves, including access to port loading facilities for sea-borne distribution world-wide.

Through this participation, TITAN is gaining direct access to a key raw material which will allow the enlargement of the Group’s offering of low-carbon cementitious products.

The partnership is aligned with TITAN’s science-based decarbonization goals, with a target of reducing its carbon emissions by 35% by 2030 (compared to 1990 levels) and increasing the share of green products in its portfolio to over 50%. This participation supports our Group’s global efforts to transition to a low-carbon future and reinforces the company’s commitment to finding sustainable, innovative solutions for the construction industry.