Contributing to circular economy with ‘Nothing to Waste’ program

TITAN’s Efkarpia cement plant in Thessaloniki -in response to local sustainability challenges- has initiated the “Nothing to waste” circular economy and efficient waste management program, taking action to raise awareness about environmental protection and to promote circular economy practices. In the context of the program, recycling corners were established at the premises of the 24 participating businesses in Thessaloniki to encourage and facilitate the collection of recyclable material, such as paper, PET plastic bottles, residual plastic-metal-composite packaging (PMD), electrical and electronic appliances, portable batteries, and cooking oil.

At the launch phase more than 500 employees from the participating companies joined the program. All employees are being trained by the non-profit environmental organization NoWaste21, that is responsible for the scientific supervision and implementation of the program. Training focuses on waste prevention, the importance of the circular economy, the benefits of personal responsibility towards the environment, the importance of preserving natural resources for future generations and the proper participation in the recycling activities of the program.

Through this innovative initiative, an improved system of waste prevention and management emerges, bringing substantial environmental, social and economic benefits for the local community. Private entities have a very positive role to play when it comes to resource efficiency and circular economy, while the 500+ households of the employees of the 24 participating businesses can deliver measurable results to enhance the recycling performance of municipalities and regions. The ultimate goal is to encourage other companies and relevant bodies to participate in the “Nothing to Waste” initiative.