Egypt 2020
Titan Egypt offers digital development program to support students during Covid-19

In 2019, TITAN Egypt participated in an academic-industrial collaboration with the Faculty of Engineering of Alexandria University and Faculty of Sciences of Beni Suef University aimed at equipping undergraduate students with hard and soft skills through university lectures.

In April 2020, in order to continue this initiative during Covid-19, the company launched a pilot students’ digital development program that successfully ran until July and August.

Making good use of students’ time, especially during the lockdown, the program was designed to boost their knowledge and skills in areas not covered by their academic curriculum. In cooperation with Beni Suef University Center for Career Development (UCCD), which hosted the online program, 52 students from the fields of Science, Earth Science, and Industrial Education were offered approximately 2.912 training hours. Ten TITAN Egypt experts engaged in the lectures that covered the topics of health, safety, environment, quality management, cement process, artificial intelligence, etc.  Additionally, the lectures included a gamification component that helped maximize students’ engagement, capture their interest and inspire them to continue learning.

Similarly, in cooperation with Alexandria University Faculty of Engineering, University Center for Career Development (UCCD), 92 students from the Faculty of Engineering and Science were offered 4,784 training hours.

Students who completed a final online test with a minimum passing score of 60% and a minimum program attendance of 80%, received e-certificates, with the company registering their names in its database to prioritize them for an internship opportunity or as potential job applicants.

The positive feedback, appreciation, and constructive input received from participants will contribute toward the enhancement of the company’s future digital development programs.