Brazil 2020
Cimento Apodi’s strategies to combat Covid-19

Advance preparation and the formation of a dedicated committee were key factors in the effective management against Covid-19 undertaken by Cimento Apodi, which continued to operate without major problems during the coronavirus pandemic.

The committee drafted a detailed action plan, which took into account guidelines from official authorities such as the World Health Organization and Ministry of Health. The action plan was deployed as soon as reports of the first case emerged in the southeastern Brazil, long before the first case of infection in the state of Ceará, where Apodi is based.

Cimento Apodi’s plan introduced specific actions per group:

Direct employees: Apodi updated the health and safety protocols, reinforced measures for the protection from exposure to infection, extended the meal times, and facilitated working from home. In addition, it provided disposable masks to employees, customers and suppliers who entered company units, broadcasted live videos with tips on mental health, quality of life and healthy eating. Also, it created a medical screening questionnaire application, measured body temperature and conducted tests, including PCRs.

Communities: Apodi was in constant communication with stakeholders, providing hygiene kits to the community surrounding the plant, delivering disposable masks and face shields to epidemiological control agencies in neighboring cities (in particular, Apodi supported the communities of Bom Sucesso, Baixa do Félix, Serra do Vieira and Ubaia).

Local companies: Apodi collaborated with a number of local businesses and educational institutions to produce more than 40,000 face masks, which were donated to the surrounding communities.

In more detail

  • Scatec Soclar and Coopershoes: production of 30,000 TNT masks
  • Bom Sucesso community: Apodi encouraged women to produce masks, allowing them to generate income and contribute to the fight against Covid-19. A total of 1,856 masks were produced and donated to the five communities surrounding the Quixeré plant. For more about empowering women entrepreneurs to produce face masks against Covid-19 click here.
  • Federal Institute of Education, Science and Technology of Ceará: Production of 2,025 facial shield masks
  • Federation of Industries of the State of Ceará: Production of 37,000 TNT masks
  • Apodi also collaborated with the IFCE/Tabuleiro do Norte College for the production of 2,025 acetate masks and with municipalities in the region for the distribution of masks to eight cities of the Jaguaribe Valley.

Contractors: supplying disposable masks to customers, suppliers and everyone who circulates in the units.

All the actions of the committee were fundamental to maintaining the low rate of cases of infection of employees (those of Apodi and of third parties) with Covid-19, and to creating an internal and external environment of trust.

The Apodi committee remains vigilant, monitoring the cases in Brazil and following the announcements of official health organizations. It also keeps local decision-makers engaged and holds online events with them and local communities.