Brazil 2020
Cimento Apodi: Empowering women entrepreneurs to produce face masks against Covid-19

When Cimento Apodi saw the local need for facial masks, it encouraged the members of the local Women Entrepreneurs Project who produce homemade sweets, to put their skills to another use and financed the manufacture of fabric masks. The company paid for a total of 1,856 fabric masks, which were then donated to the communities (namely Bom Sucesso, Ubaia, Maxixe Baixa do Félix and Serra do Vieira) around the Quixeré plant.

In this way, the members of the Women Entrepreneurs Project continued to generate income for their families while producing, with our assistance, basic personal protective equipment against the virus.

The Entrepreneurial Women Project was formed by women from the community of Bom Sucesso, in Quixeré/CE. Its members produce homemade sweets, which they sell to earn an income for their family. The project, which started in 2019 and is supported by Cimento Apodi, contributes to female entrepreneurship, development and the improvement in the quality of life for local families.