Albania 2020
TITAN Albania: Online discussions with young entrepreneurs amid Covid -19

In the wake of Covid-19, the use of online platforms emerged as an optimal and safe way to communicate and collaborate.

In this context, in May 2020 TITAN Albania, collaborated with the LiburnEtik Organization NGO to host an online meeting with young entrepreneur students from various schools in Albania. The virtual conversation, which was attended by 29 students, focused on the role and responsibilities of companies in Albania during unforeseen situations, such as Covid-19, and how TITAN Albania reacted and contributed to its people and local community during the pandemic.

Various TITAN Albania managers addressed the students, including the Health and Safety Manager, who spoke about the importance of health and safety at work in unexpected times, the Finance Manager, who discussed the main concepts of corporate responsibility and its significance for the country’s economy, and the CSR and Communication Officer, who examined the impact of CSR as a tool for the development of the local economy.

The online meeting gave students the opportunity to express their opinions, learn from professionals in the field and enhance their skills.