Separation Technologies LLC (ST), a Titan subsidiary based in the USA, has concluded an agreement with the company ‘Hatra Cement i Beton’, subsidiary of Lafarge Cement SA Poland, for the installation of a fly ash separation and processing unit in the Janikowo district of Poland, using as raw material the fly ash produced as a waste by the power plants of the major polish chemical group CIECH.

ST’s world-leading green technology converts fly ash, an industrial waste produced from the burning of coal, into two useful products:

  • a standard building material (ProAsh®), used in the construction sector,
  • a consistent supply of fuel (EcoTherm®), useful for the coal burning industry

The fly ash beneficiation process results to a profitable activity that contributes to environmental protection,

  • reducing the need for land filling
  • saving energy
  • reducing the quarrying of raw materials
  • reducing emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2)

The project has been warmly welcomed by the local authorities and community in Poland for its contribution to sustainable development.

This is the first ST unit to be installed in continental Europe; there are already 18 ST separator units in operation in the US, Canada and the UK.