Turkey 2020
Online seminars to boost team morale and motivation

The lockdown brought a considerable change to our daily routines and is considered that it affected people’s psychology and wellbeing. Adoçim, Titan’s plant in Turkey, supported its employees in maintaining a positive attitude and protecting their emotional wellbeing while in lockdown and working from home. For this reason, we collaborated with the Cement Manufacturers Union to organize a series of online seminars that sought to uplift team morale, teach new skills and reinforce employee engagement.

Employees could watch the seminars, which were delivered by experts in their field, with their families. The online seminars that our employees found particularly interesting, as they learned new skills and kept a positive mindset during lock down, were:

  • Managing your brain in difficult conditions and resilience (Kerem Dündar)
  • Managing change in hard times and agile leadership (Enis Arslan)
  • Our health in the coronavirus era (Prof. Osman Müftüoğlu)
  • Working effectively from home with a positive attitude (Aras Bilgen)
  • Discovering my child during the pandemic period (Ethem Kocabaş)
  • The leader’s team bag during the epidemic (Cem Kozlu)
  • Companies, brands and community dynamics after the Covid-19 crisis (Bekir Ağırdır)
  • Turkey’s youth and psychological capital (Evrim Kuran)
  • What will the future bring: thoughts for the post-epidemic era (Ufuk Tarhan)

Adoçim’s collaboration with the Cement Manufacturers Union and the delivery of online seminars contributed towards the enhancement of employee motivation, maintenance of a positive mindset and learning new skills.