Turkey 2020
Adoçim enhances employee well-being during Covid-19 with Employee Assistance Program

During the spread of Covid-19, Adoçim in Turkey acknowledged the well-being of employees and their families as a significant priority. As a member of the Turkey Confederation of Employer Associations (TİSK), Adoçim worked toward engaging employees on the topic and providing access to the content of TİSK’s new Employee Assistance Program.

The program’s purpose is to support employees and their families in their workplace and to help improve their performance and efficiency by increasing their motivation. On that base, TİSK offers free counseling services for employees and their families, by telephone or online, in the fields of Psychological Counseling, Medical Counseling, Healthy Nutrition Counseling, and Technical Support Counseling. In cases where experts deemed it necessary, the program offered additional online sessions with psychological counselors.

The helplines operate 24/7 and calls are free of charge.

In collaboration with TİSK, Adoçim is fulfilling its duty to care for the well-being of its employees and their families during the difficult times of the pandemic.