Preserving local flora in Turkey

With respect to the environment and the local communities where we operate, we continuously take action to preserve natural resources and biodiversity.

Since the beginning of our joint venture in Turkey, Adocim supported a specific biodiversity protection program in our Tokat cement plant in Turkey. After consulting with the Tokat Forestry Directorate and in cooperation with specialists from respective authorities, TITAN Adocim identified and established a practice for mitigating the inevitable impact that the opening and development of a quarry would have on some small forest areas consisting of 8-10 years old pine trees. The agreed method included the careful removal of the pine trees from the quarry area and their re-plantation in selected areas inside the cement plant.

Having achieved 95% success in the first trial, it has become standard practice and over the period 2013-2019, two hundred to three hundred pine trees are removed and are re-planted every year. Currently, Tokat plant is embellished by about 5,000 pine trees, aged between 15 and 20 years. On top of the afforestation practice, the green areas inside the plant have been also enhanced with approximately 3,000 cherry trees.


Preserving local flora: Landscape from TITAN's Tokat cement plant in Turkey