Serbia 2023
Kosjeric supports Science Festival

In Serbia, Kosjeric supported a country-level science festival, offering local communities an opportunity to demonstrate their resilience, and underlined the importance of science and technology.

Over the past 15 years, the Science Festival has evolved into the largest event in Southeast Europe dedicated to promoting science by showcasing its inspiring and enjoyable aspects. However, in 2023, the festival faced a delay due to a deadly school shooting at an elementary school in Belgrade.

Kosjeric cement plant, as a festival sponsor, stepped in to support the most vulnerable and foster empathy amid the crisis. The festival, which offered free admission, featured psychological workshops to aid children, parents and teachers dealing with the aftermath of the incident.

Τhe event brought together representatives from 56 scientific institutions, attracting 18,000 visitors. It served as a focal point and source of comfort in the aftermath of the tragedy. The festival successfully achieved its goal of underlining the importance of science and technology in everyday life through a range of interactive experiments.