Serbia 2020
TITAN Serbia: Multifaceted support for local communities during Covid-19

In early March 2020, when the coronavirus outbreak took the world by surprise and became a global health concern, TITAN Serbia demonstrated its solidarity for its people and the local community in the fight against the global pandemic.

The company took all the necessary measures to protect the health and safety of its employees and contractors. At the same time, it also allocated significant funds to aid the local community, local and regional hospitals, and health centers in offering care to citizens and preventing the spread of the virus.

By September 2020, the company’s emergency assistance donations to combat coronavirus have amounted for over 2 million dinars (over €17,000), with funds going toward:

  • The purchase of medical and protective equipment for Kosjerić, Požega, and Užice health centers.
  • The distribution of basic food and hygiene packages to the most vulnerable families and individuals in the local community, in cooperation with the Kosjerić Center for Social Work and Red Cross.

True to its long history of solidarity, TITAN made a significant contribution to the effective protection of its local community and supported the fight against the pandemic.