New sports camp for the children of the community

TITAN Albania, working hand in hand with the local community to promote a healthy way of life, offered to the children of the neighbouring areas of its ANTEA cement plant a new outdoor sports camp. Located at the premises of the “Ismail Dema” public school in Fushë-Mamurras, the sports camp is comprised of a football pitch, and a basketball-volleyball court.  Now, almost 430 children of the “Ismail Dema” school and the surrounding area will enjoy a place dedicated to fitness and fun.

The sports camp was offered to the public during an inauguration ceremony on 2 June 2021 that was attended by TITAN Albania management representatives and local public authorities that supported the completion of the project, such as the Mayor of the Municipality of Kurbin and the Regional Education Directorate. Children and parents, who were also invited at the event, enjoyed a joyful day with football and volleyball tournaments.

This project was successfully completed, despite the difficult circumstances after the earthquake that hit Albania in November 2019 and the global COVID-19 pandemic thanks to the dedication of the TITAN team and its good cooperation with the local authorities.