Developed by TITAN Kosovo in cooperation with multiple stakeholders, “Frozen Music” is an initiative that aims to create opportunities for young people to express their vision and ideas for Kosovo’s development.

Empowering young people is a focus area for the TITAN Group, and Frozen Music aims to have a positive effect on Kosovo’s future. The project brings together students and young professionals from the disciplines of architecture, civil engineering and urban planning to generate practical ideas for the country’s development.

In addition to organizing relevant activities, local study visits and lectures by international experts, the initiative holds an annual scholarship competition for top performing students. Frozen Music is supported by a large number of stakeholders both private and public.

Frozen Music’s central tenet is that determined young people can make things better in Kosovo. By supporting education and empowering young people to take the lead, the initiative aims to bring positive change to both the country and its youth.

Creative ideas, architecture and leadership initiative for the youth in Kosovo: young group of people studying