Greece 2020
Donation of 1.000.000€ for medical equipment supplies

In these challenging times presented by Covid-19, taking responsible action to support our society and respond to emerging needs is ever more important. The Paul and Alexandra Canellopoulos Foundation, has donated 1.000.000€ to help combat the spread of COVID-19.

The donation, made in coordination and cooperation with the Hellenic Ministry of Health, was given to the Institute of Pharmaceutical Research and Technology ​​(IFET) to support with the vital, urgent need for additional equipment supplies for hospitals and the public healthcare system.

About the Paul and Alexandra Canellopoulos Foundation

The Paul and Alexandra Canellopoulos Foundation, established in 1999 in Greece by members of the TITAN founding family. Since its establishment, the Foundation aims to support actions in the areas of culture, education and social contribution and acts in the spirit of its founders to respond to the needs and prospects of the times.

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