Reducing single use plastics in Greece

Aiming to contribute to the global efforts to sustainably manage waste and protect ecosystems from pollution, and in the context of its commitment to the promotion of circular economy, TITAN Greece celebrated World Environment Day 2019 with the introduction of a long–term program to reduce –and where possible eliminate– single use plastic (SUP) materials at its premises. The program has started at its headquarters in Athens and it is gradually covering other units of the company in Greece.

At the launch phase, the program included the replacement of SUP materials with glass materials, such as drinking cups and water bottles, the introduction of biodegradable consumables, e.g. hot and cold beverage containers and straws, and the roll out of the “bring your own cup” initiative. In addition, aiming to raise awareness and nurture an anti-SUP culture among employees, an internal communication campaign was implemented. Employees have willingly embraced the initiative and we are expecting a significant reduction in Single Use Plastic.


Poster for reducing single use plastics in Greece, TITAN case study