Promoting good health and well-being

TITAN invests in promoting health and well-being, focusing on employees as well as local communities.

TITAN Greece employee wellness program, implemented at its Headquarters and in its plants in the country, highlights the concerted eff orts being made to achieve a good level of physical and mental well-being. The project aims to foster a healthy and supportive work environment and encourage healthy behaviors. The fi rst pillar of the program, which will run over the next few years, is nutrition. Almost 500 employees participated in educational sessions, body fat composition analysis, individual counseling and nutritional intervention programs during 2018, supported by the distribution of information and changes to the work environment.

TITAN Greece undertook additional initiatives in local communities, offering a series of health screening sessions for specific age groups, in collaboration with organizations like the Hellenic Cancer Society and Doctors of the World – Greece. It also organized hands-on first-aid workshops for school teachers. Approximately 600 children and adults benefited from the activities, which will continue in 2019.

A colorful heart shaped boll of fruits to promote good health and wellbeing in TITAN Greece, case study.