Bulgaria 2020
TITAN Bulgaria: Safe transport of employees during the Covid-19 crisis

More than 200 TITAN Bulgaria employees from 31 locations use company buses to commute to and from work in our plant on a daily basis.

Following the implementation of the emergency restrictive measures by the government on 13 March 2020, the use of public transport, including our company buses, had to be done carefully to prevent the transmission of the coronavirus.

To minimize this risk of infection, all the company’s buses were disinfected and personal protection kits were distributed to drivers and passengers. In addition, a detailed system was devised to track all employees per bus. Employees were divided into teams, with each team given a color code. In the event of an employee testing positive, all those who belonged to the same team and had come in contact with him or her could be immediately reached and placed in self-isolation to help stop the spread of the virus.

TITAN Bulgaria continued to develop the tracking system and succeeded in digitalizing the tracking of employees on our buses. The IT team installed tracking devices on the buses and developed automated reporting software.

The tracking system allows for employees to be contacted immediately and quarantined in the event of an infection. By utilizing our in-house resources, no major investment in new technology was required to create the system, which, in the future, may be used in the future.

In the first week of June 2020, after the lifting of the lockdown, half of our employees and approximately half of the contractors continue to use company transport, despite the fact that the company has offered to reimburse those who get to work in their private car.