“Teach for all”: Supporting education in Bulgaria

Sustainability of communities in proximity to our operations is the primary focus of our community engagement plans in all our key operations. In Bulgaria, our cement plant and the adjacent quarries are located in Zlatna Panega, a rural area and one of the poorest in the European Union. The rate of children leaving school even before completing basic education is very high. TITAN focuses on quality education as a key to encourage children to stay at school and continue their studies, building skills for professional and personal development.

For seven consecutive years, TITAN Bulgaria has been supporting both financially and in cooperation with the “Teach for All” Bulgaria Foundation and local principals the “Teach for All” program covering four elementary schools in Yablanitsa Municipality, in the villages of Oreshene, Brestnitsa, Zlatna Panega and Dermantsi, and one elementary school in the Municipality of Troyan, in the village of Cherni Osam. By the end of 2019, more than 20 new teachers have been working with over 700 schoolchildren from families with low socio-economic status. The program has been successfully supporting the local authorities’ efforts to increase school attendance and improve students’ reading literacy, emotional intelligence, team work and resolving complex issues skills. It is notable that, thanks to the program and contrary to previous generations, the majority of students from the villages continue their education in high school.


Photograph of schoolchildren in a classroom that paricipated at TITAN Bulgaria’s “Teach for all” project to support education in Bulgaria.