In 2017, TITAN Albania worked with the Albanian Center for Social Services (DDAER) to provide primary eye care to the local community around our Antea cement plant via the “Healthy Eyes for Successful Education” project.

The project raised awareness among parents and teachers about eye care in the Kruje municipality and provided professional optometry services to local children. A team of optometrists visited local schools and examined 400 children. Of those, 245 were rechecked and 82 were sent for further checks at a clinic in Albania’s capital, Tirana.

To celebrate the project’s success, an award ceremony was held at the Ramazan Jangozi school in Thumanë. During the ceremony, which was attended by optometrists, social workers, parents, teachers, representatives of the Kruje municipality and, of course, the children, corrective glasses were distributed to the children with vision impairments.

By collaborating with the Albanian Center for Social Services, TITAN contributed towards providing eye care to hundreds of children in Kruje, improving their eyesight.

TITAN Antea's "Healthy Eyes for successful education" project: Young girl having her eyes checked