TITAN Cement S.A. has announced the offering of assistance to UNICEF in its relief work for the children of SE Asia.

At a meeting at the UNICEF offices, Titan representatives Mr. N. Canellopoulos and Mr. N. Analytis presented the President of the Greek Committee of UNICEF, Mr. Lambros Kanellopoulos, with a cheque for 50,000 Euro, to be used to support refuges for orphans and abandoned children in the countries hit by the tsunami.

According to Mr. N. Canellopoulos ‘This decision to help improve the condition of the children in the tsunami region and to assist in their protection is just the beginning of a broader collaboration, which will form part of our programme of Corporate Social Responsibility. TITAN will continue to support the work of UNICEF in a variety of ways to be agreed with the agency; we will also be urging other companies and organizations to become involved in similar initiatives’.

Speaking in his capacity as Chairman of the Network for Corporate Social Responsibility, Mr. Analytis said that the Network was looking at the possibility of significant cooperation with UNICEF.

On behalf of the Greek Committee of UNICEF, Mr. Lambros Kanellopoulos thanked TITAN for its generous contribution – another example of the Group’s consistent interest in social and humanitarian problems. He emphasized the value of this gesture as an important contribution to the work of UNICEF in SE Asia.