The 1st Repeat Session of the General Assembly of Shareholders of the Company at the Grande Bretagne Hotel, Athens, on 29.5.2007 was attended by 259 shareholders, representing 41,398,383 ordinary registered shares out of a total of 76,916,244 such shares, that is a quorum of 53,82 % of the paid-up share capital. Also present were 24 shareholders representing 245,530 non-voting preferred shares out of a total of 7,568,960 such shares. The Meeting approved by 41,225,722 votes, that is a majority constituting 99.66 % of votes represented at the Meeting ( excluding 34,000 ordinary registered shares owned by the Company which pursuant to article 16 par. 4 of codified law 2190/1920 did not have the right to vote at he Assembly), the establishment of a new, three-year Stock Option Programme (2007 Programme), whereby, in the years 2007, 2008 and 2009, executive members of the Company’s Board of Directors and senior executives of the Company and its affiliates in Greece and abroad shall be granted options, the exercise of which will be subject to the financial results of the Company and the performance of its ordinary share, to acquire up to 500,000 ordinary shares of the Company at a sale price equal to the share’s nominal value, that is 2 Euros per share. The Meeting also approved the doubling of the above maximum number of option rights up to 1,000,000 ordinary shares at a sale price equal to the share’s nominal value, that is 2 Euros per share, after the increase( doubling) of the share capital of the Company which was decided by the General Meeting of Shareholders of 10.5.2007 shall be approved by the competent Ministry of Development. The Meeting further decided the doubling of the number of the not-yet-exercised options granted under the 2000 and 2004 Programmes and a reduction of the sale price for the relevant options under the 2000 Programme from 14.68 to 7.34 Euros per share after the above share capital increase shall be approved by the Ministry of Development. Finally, the Meeting authorized the Company’s Board to regulate the details of the implementation of all relevant programmes in force.