Titan Cement Company S.A. announces that the Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders, held on 10/5/2007 approved the payment of dividend of 0.75 Euro per share for the financial year 2006.

Eligible to receive dividends are Shareholders at the close of the Athens Exchange trading session of 11/5/2007.

As of 14/5/2007 the Company’s shares will be traded ex-dividend in the Athens Exchange.

Dividend payment will start on 22/5/2007.

The dividend will be paid, according to the procedure provided by the Regulations of the Athens Exchange and the Central Securities Depository, through ALPHA BANK as follows :

  1. To the Operators in the Dematerialised Securities System of the shares of the Shareholders, if the Shareholders have given them the right to collect dividends on their account
  2. Τo the Shareholders themselves, in case they keep their shares in the Central Securities Depository or they have not dematerialized their shares or they have not given to their Operator the authority to collect dividend on their account or they have recalled such authority. In all above cases the dividend will be paid to the Shareholders through the branches of ALPHA BANK, by presenting their ID as well as their particulars in the Dematerialized Securities System. The dividend can be also collected by a third person if, apart from the above, he has been so authorized in writing by the beneficiary Shareholder and the authenticity of the signature of the Shareholder has been certified by the Police or any other competent Authority.

The Operators or ALPHA BANK, as the case may be, will provide the Shareholders with the relevant Payment of Dividend Certificates.