Announcement – New Board of Directors

ΤITAN CEMENT COMPANY S.A. announces that the Annual General Assembly of Shareholders, which was held on 7.6.2019, re-elected the same Board of Directors, comprising of 15 members and designated its 7 independent members in accordance with Law 3016/2012, as in force.

The Board of Directors, at its first meeting on the same day above, elected among its members its Chairman, Vice- Chairman, CEO and Delegated Director and designated 6 executive and 9 non-executive directors as follows:

  1. Efstratios-Georgios Arapoglou, Chairman, non-executive director
  2. Nellos Canellopoulos, Vice Chairman, executive director
  3. Dimitri Papalexopoulos, CEO, executive director
  4. Michael Colakides,  Delegated Director, executive director
  5. Doros Constantinou, Senior Independent Director, independent non-executive director
  6. Hiro Athanassiou, independent non-executive director
  7. Takis-Panagiotis Canellopoulos, executive director
  8. Alexander Macridis, independent non-executive director
  9. Domna Mirasyesi-Bernitsa, independent non-executive director
  10. Ioanna Papadopoulou, independent non-executive director
  11. Alexandra Papalexopoulou-Benopoulou, executive director
  12. Petros Sabatacakis, independent non-executive director
  13. Plutarchos Sakellaris, independent non-executive director
  14. Efthymios Vidalis, non-executive director
  15. Bill Zarkalis, executive director

The term of office of the Board of Directors is one year, expiring the latest at the Annual General Assembly of Shareholders that will be held in 2020.