Bar-Boljare Highway, Montenegro

The largest engineering and construction project in Montenegro to date, the Bar-Boljare highway, extending from the coastal town of Bar to the border with Serbia in Boljare, will be 165.2 kilometers long upon completion. The highway stretches from the south to the north across the mountains. It is a technically demanding and challenging construction project, with bridges and tunnels making up about 60% of the entire route.

The Bioce-Matesevo priority section, a stretch of 41 km with four sub-sections, is currently under construction and is considered the most technically challenging part of the project.

TITAN Serbia is participating in the construction of the priority section, having supplied 50,000 tons of bulk cement in 2017.

By linking the south Adriatic with Serbia and the rest of Europe, the Bar-Boljare highway will have a positive effect on tourism, travel and future economic development in Montenegro.

Projects made with TITAN materials: work in progress at Bar-Boljare Highway, Montenegro