Monday 16 July 2018

List of Participants

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Name Occupation
Abatzoglou Georgios Mayor of Elefsina
Agrimakis Vasilis President of City Council of Elefsina
Papapetrou Periklis Former Mayor of Elefsina
Leventis Michalis Former Mayor of Elefsina
Paraskeuaidis Louizos Retired, Former TITAN Manager
Skarmoutsos Dionisios President of the Centre Labor Union of Elefsina
Zisiadis Neoptolemos President of the Elefsina plant Union, TITAN
Analitis Nikos Chairman of the Hellenic Network for CSR
Micharikopoulos Dimitris Senior Partner at the Institute of Social Innovation
Dr. Stathopoulou Eleni MIO-ECDSE (Mediterranean Information Office for Environment , Culture & Sustainable Development)



ΤΙΤΑΝ Representatives

Papalexopoulos Theodoros Senior Advisor to the TITAN Board
Canellopoulos Nellos BoD Member and External Relations Group Director
Baltzis Sokratis Executive Director - Greek Region
Trakidis Panikos  


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